Our book, KING BIDGOOD’S IN THE BATHTUB, won a Caldecott Honor Award in 1985.  Don used real people as models to pose as the characters and to act out the courtly roles.  The models were chosen from our friends and family and everyone posed for free.

Don was on a tight schedule to finish the illustrations on time.  When the Queen he had selected didn’t show up for her session, I stepped in and played her part.

It was fun, but when I viewed Don’s sketches of me, I was shocked.  Don had added 30 pounds and 15 years to my visage to make me more QUEENLY.

Find out who else modeled for the book here!


Does Don always use live models for the characters when he draws?  Yes, Don prefers to use models whenever he can.

He kept a pet mouse in his studio when he illustrated our book, THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR.  I would often find Don observing the little mouse and even holding it while he sketched.  The little mouse didn’t mind at all!

Although I don’t use models when I illustrate books, my animal friends often do inspire my drawings. Sumo and Duffy, our two pugs, hang out in my studio while I work.

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4 Responses to QUEEN FOR A DAY

  1. Carolyn Heath says:

    I love King Bidgood. I have used it with the old version of the audio recording (lost now), which had only the words from the book. I know there is a new version, the musical, with additional songs. I have searched the internet hi and low to find the original. Do you have any leads for me? I perform pre-school storytimes. I prefer to stay “true” to the book and I loved the original songs, etc.
    You do great work. Thanks, Carolyn

  2. Charlene Anderson says:

    This was my favorite kindergarten story and today it is still my all time favorite. I remember the song that was on the cassette tapes. I recently, bought the book at Barnes and Nobles and plan on sharing it with my students and my children, if I have any.

    Thanks for a wonderful story!

    I am trying to finish my story board on this book for my class project for my college class that is.

    • Audrey says:

      Thank you Charlene for using our book for your class project. It is inspiring to hear how much people continue to enjoy their childhood books:-)

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