Writing a Story

After publishing over fifty books with major publishers, I have discovered the best way to write a story is to just start writing!  I always carry a small notebook wherever I go.  I write on my computer if  I’m in my studio.  If I’m at the beach I write with a pen, or in the sand. I write with whatever tool is near, wherever I happen be when an idea strikes!  I am always in a  “writing mood,” receiving and recording whatever interests me. If I am working on a story and my manuscript is at home, I’ll be thinking about the story while buying groceries or stepping onto a plane.

Is there a story within you just longing to get out?  Many people don’t write because someone told them in their childhood that they couldn’t  write a story without a degree in literature. There are countless famous writers who don’t know where to put a period or comma or how to make a correct paragraph!

Lilly and Audrey

Lilly Goat with her friend Audrey

If you love to write nothing will stop you. I rely on my editors and their copy editors to make sure my work is punctuated and grammatically correct. It also helps having a brilliant partner. My husband and book partner, Don Wood, has an eye for editing and he is always happy to put on an editor’s hat to assist me.

Write your story first, then ask someone you know, like your Aunt Tilly, or cousin Jude, to check it for copy editing.  If you use a computer, it will edit for you! But warning, spellcheck and grammar are not always 100% correct.

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