When people ask me what my hobbies are, what I enjoy doing the most for fun and relaxation, several activities spring to mind. Always the very first on my list is reading books. I love to read books!  Reading is my lifelong passion.  I have found that whatever it is that interests me in life, there are books available on the subject.  From cooking to gazing at stars, there are many fascinating adventures waiting for me to experience!

Author’s Tip — If you want to write books, read them — all the time.  The more you read, the better you will write.

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  1. Teya says:

    Hi Audrey~
    For some reason your email didnt work on your website and I couldnt figure out how to post a comment to your Facebook page so I figured that here was the next best place. I have been a fan for a long time but an even bigger one now that I am a parent myself. I just finished putting my daughter down for a nap w/ a book and realized, once again that it was one of your books. The Alphabet Mystery. Anyway, this is how I came upon your website. I also grew up all my life in SB, knew Bruce in HS, know the Napping House (Amber gave this to me again when my 1st was born as well as Piggies) and am good friends w/ Amber Shaw-Wiehl and through her have met Nicoa and Manhattan a few times. Hope your still enjoying life on the Big Isl. I go there a few times a yr to visit some dear friends in Pepekeeo (sp?). Continue to inspire others by your work. I know that I personally have been;)

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