We live on an island atop a thirty foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Our two goats, Lilly Goat and Kneestar, have a home with an ocean view as do we.

On occasion, someone with a fishing pole and a dog will wander by beneath the cliff.

The other day I heard the loud barking of a dog. Our goats were bleating, obviously worried. Concerned for their safety, as some dogs will harm goats, I hurried down to make sure the dog below the cliff was on leash.

When I arrived I did not see a barking dog, but a barking Hawaiian Monk Seal. The seal looked up and saw me. It barked again, then worked its way back into the swelling ocean waves and swam away.

It is rare to see this animal on our shores, in fact it is one of the most endangered of all the seal species. This is the first sighting we have ever had. The Hawaiians call the Monk Seal ʻIlio-holo-i-ka-uaua, or “dog that runs in rough water.” The seal looked healthy and swam easily through the strong ocean waves!

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