Baby Shower Books

I recently went to a shower for a mother who was soon to have her child. There were about forty people there, many I didn’t know. In Hawaii, everyone is invited to big showers and they are fun.

There is great food to eat and always live music . I didn’t know the mother that well, but I brought a beautiful blanket and pajama set hoping she would like it.

Half way through the opening of the many gifts, the mom to be, shrieked with utter delight. She had been given a children’s book she could read to her baby. Everyone was very excited and when they held the book up, I saw it was one of mine!

Here are my suggestions for books sure to be hits at baby showers.

People always ask me if I write for a particular age. The truth is I don’t. I write and illustrate what intrigues me and then I let the story find its readers. Some of our books which are enjoyed by two year old children are also sold in college book stores.

Why put an age limit on fun? Picture books are for all ages. I know many adults who don’t even have children who collect our books.

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