Tsunami Safe

Aloha Friends,

Thank you for your many inquires concerning our safety during the tsunami which devastated Japan.

We are safe and sound and all is well. We live above a 32′ cliff and our home is built quite a distance back from the coastline. We have a barn with a nice loft and it rests on ground which is 45′ above sea level.

We evacuated to the loft the night of the tsunami and took our two laptops and two pugs with us. The loft is as high as a two story building, so along with the building standing on 45′ ground it provides us more safety than most living near the ocean.

We laid down a mattress and like my story THE NAPPING HOUSE, we all piled in. It was a cozy bed!

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  1. Rochi says:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlihgentemnt.

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