Designing and illustrating children’s books takes longer than most people think. The process of creating my newest book, BLUE SKY, (Scholastic, Spring 20011) stretched into seven months of fun time. I used colored pencils on colorful pastel paper as the medium and I enjoyed every day.

Don Wood, my husband and partner in books, just finished illustrating DUFFY TIME, a story that I also wrote. Don chose to work in acrylic paint applying the medium in an oil painting technique. Yesterday we counted the months and discovered his illustration project took one entire year to complete. We believe that the the time it takes to illustrate a book is not important, but our dedication to quality and our commitment to excellence is of paramount importance. Our passion is to create entertaining and engaging books that both children and adults can enjoy equally. By the way, we have many adults who write us and report that although they do not have children in their lives, they enjoy collecting our books. Picture books are for all ages!

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2 Responses to DUFFY TIME

  1. Audrey says:

    Thank you for your kind words Edith. It gives us much joy to inspire children to love reading .

  2. Faith Pray says:

    When I was growing up I loved your books, and now I enjoy them with my little ones. It’s reassuring to see that you both find joy as you work, regardless of the time it takes. Your glorious books are worth every second!

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