Blue Sky

The stars in the Hawaiian night sky where we live are often spectacular. We reside in a rural setting down a rough and lonely road rarely traveled by others. A few years back we built a simple, low to the ground, wood platform where we like to sit and observe the sky at night. We placed four chairs on it and dubbed it the “Star Platform.” We quickly discovered that the Star Platform was also the perfect setting for watching sunsets. The sun sets in behind the mountains, so we view our sunsets indirectly, not watching the sun go down but rather observing the parade of sunset colors illuminating the spectacular clouds that continually move across our skies.

Yesterday, after completing DUFFY TIME (due to be published Fall 2012), Don and I went outside to celebrate by watching the sunset clouds change colors. We sat down and, as usual, began to admire the various amazing cloud formations. Don gasped and pointed to the sky above our studio. A huge, perfect, symmetrical sunburst design made of streaks of pink tinged clouds emanated up from our studio, where we work on our books. The sunburst looked as if it had been painted by a master artist, each streak radiating in a perfect arch across the sky. The first thing that came to my mind was that perhaps the cloud star burst over our studio could be a good omen for both BLUE SKY and DUFFY TIME.

The many spectacular cloud formations which constantly form in the Hawaiian sky were at one time considered to be messages from The Divine. Priests, known as Kahunas, would observe cloud formations in the sky and “read” them like a newspaper to receive information on all subjects from births to the best time for their fleets to go fishing.

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  1. Gabriella says:


    after reading your bio and blog I am beginning a wonderful and promising day in Colorado, where autumn is approaching in big strides, spiderwebs are now prolific and some towns are already shivering in frosty temperatures.
    I now want to read some of your books, as your style and background seem very appealing. Your blog references your growing up with the Spanish language. Do you also write in Spanish?
    I ask this because I have written several children’s books and, being a linguist by trade, wrote them particularly with language learning in more than one language in mind. I wonder if you might have some comments or insights on this subject.
    I look forward to your thoughts.
    Kind regards,
    Gabriella Bertelmann

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