“You’re just like Piggy Pie Po…. only bubbles, head to toes.”

From Natalie Mikles (Tulsa Oklahoma)

Dear Audrey and Don,

Just had to let you know how much we love Piggy Pie Po. I have 2-year-old twin girls, and Piggy Pie Po is their favorite book. When it’s time to read stories, they say, “Pie Po! Pie Po!” I tell them to go get the book off their shelf, and they smile so big, so proud of themselves for finding their favorite book.

Our favorite part: “He ate a pepper. So hot! So red!” When we get to that line, I grab the girls’ hands and raise them up in the air. They love it.

When they take their bath, I tell them, “You’re just like Piggy Pie Po…. only bubbles, head to toes.”

When I write stories I often use a technique I have deveoloped to become empathic with my future readers   I imagine a circle of about six children and several adults who are listening to me  as I  create then edit story. Visualizing the audience I want to reach helps me in a mysterious, magical  way. First off it relaxes me, I am surrounded by wonderful ,attentive, supportive people who are happy to be a part of my writing process. . Even though this is an imaginary audience, this practice has proved very helpful. Basically when I sist down tio  write , I visualise my audience , seeing each one clearly both adult and child. Then I put them at the back of my mind as I set to work writing. As I write I can feel my audience  When fans share the experiences they have with our books, more imaginary readers are added to my circle.

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