Question: Did you have a dog growing up?

I love animals and we have several animal friends who share our lives  with us now (two goats, two pugs two geese and 21 chickens!). My animal friends are often  a source of inspiration for my stories.

Q: Did you have a dog growing up?

A. When I was growing up, I was lucky to have Freddie, a standard size Daschund (wiener dog) in my family. Freddie loved to lie on his back and balance soda cans between his two front paws. He would adroitly tilt the can into his mouth and slurp up any dregs that a human might have carelessly left behind. It was quite a trick! My sisters and I set up a little theatre in the basement of our house where we often put on plays. Admission for friends and family was a dime, which was quite a bit of money in those days. When my father saw our first production, he was so enthusiastic about Freddie’s intro that he threw a handful of coins onto our stage. The sound of coins raining down startled Freddie. He blamed the interruption on George, my cat, who was dressed in a baby doll’s costume. The chase around the basement temporarily shut down the production — but it got rave reviews for years!

Find out how my pugs inspired me to write my story, A Dog Needs A Bone!/how-a-dog-needs-a-bone!-was-made

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8 Responses to Question: Did you have a dog growing up?

  1. kiersten says:

    i had a dog growing up and his name was homie

  2. Ben says:

    I had a dog growing up! I loved having my dog – a cute one. Everyone loved him!

  3. Mrs. Elizabeth Lamoreaux - Media Specialist says:

    My students love your books! We just read The Napping House and they enjoyed it. My students want to know why you make your books so funny. Thanks!

  4. Evelyn says:

    This website helped me on my autor study from 3rd period reading by the way so thanks ppl

  5. I didn’t have a dog when I grew up – I have one now.. I would really love to read this book

  6. Misty says:

    No animals for us! I sure wish we could have them. Both my son and myself are severely allergic to anything with fur, hair or feathers… only leaves reptiles and mommy says, “NOOOOO!”. LOL! We do love animals, though. Sure wish we could have a dog.

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