Fun With Social Media!

Aloha friends.

Over the last few months I have been learning more about the vast, adventurous realm of Social Media. It’s amazing the tools we have available to us to connect, converse, educate and encourage friends with a click of a button whether they live next door or half-way around the world!

If you like to play on Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn please come join me.

Let me know you’re a reader of the blog, post a friendly note on our Fan Page or Tweet a fun message over on Twitter.

Find me on the Social Media playground:


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Baby Shower Books

I recently went to a shower for a mother who was soon to have her child. There were about forty people there, many I didn’t know. In Hawaii, everyone is invited to big showers and they are fun.

There is great food to eat and always live music . I didn’t know the mother that well, but I brought a beautiful blanket and pajama set hoping she would like it.

Half way through the opening of the many gifts, the mom to be, shrieked with utter delight. She had been given a children’s book she could read to her baby. Everyone was very excited and when they held the book up, I saw it was one of mine!

Here are my suggestions for books sure to be hits at baby showers.

People always ask me if I write for a particular age. The truth is I don’t. I write and illustrate what intrigues me and then I let the story find its readers. Some of our books which are enjoyed by two year old children are also sold in college book stores.

Why put an age limit on fun? Picture books are for all ages. I know many adults who don’t even have children who collect our books.

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Audrey’s Message

I am often asked, do you write with a message in mind? Do you try to teach children about any particular subject or issue? The answer to that question is absolutely not.

As an author of children’s literature, I have one burning mission I carry in my heart and that is to engage and entertain children to such a high degree that they will naturally fall in love with the activity of reading.

Once a child understands the benefits and delights of reading, the door to knowledge and wisdom is opened for a lifetime. Parents and teachers stand ready with important, worthy issues to impart to the budding minds.

My message to children? Enjoy Reading!

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Tsunami Safe

Aloha Friends,

Thank you for your many inquires concerning our safety during the tsunami which devastated Japan.

We are safe and sound and all is well. We live above a 32′ cliff and our home is built quite a distance back from the coastline. We have a barn with a nice loft and it rests on ground which is 45′ above sea level.

We evacuated to the loft the night of the tsunami and took our two laptops and two pugs with us. The loft is as high as a two story building, so along with the building standing on 45′ ground it provides us more safety than most living near the ocean.

We laid down a mattress and like my story THE NAPPING HOUSE, we all piled in. It was a cozy bed!

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If that sounds like a title for one of my books it could be.  We live down a lonely road in the country, next to a jungle, in front of the Pacific Ocean, in Hawaii.  Whales swim and frolic in our back yard five months out of the year.

One night, a whale was so close to shore it woke me up with a start when it bellowed and slapped the water with it’s great tail.   It sounded like it was in our bedroom!

This morning our hens woke me up to feed them at dawn.  I guess the whale kept them up too!

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